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Why choose Castrol?

Every product in Castrol's Optigear range delivers excellent gear protection and friction reduction. They are precision-engineered to minimise surface roughness by creating an extremely low coefficient of friction, which helps fight wear and tear and improves the longevity of gears and components. These products excel in applications where they will experience extreme pressure, thanks to a combination of additives that allow them to adjust to operating conditions.


Optigear lubricants are designed to last longer, which will further reduce maintenance and reapplication requirements, and have a high load-carrying capacity to deliver exceptional performance across sectors and industries.


These products are formulated with advanced additives that help in maintaining optimal lubricity and protection against wear. These additives are crucial to consistent performance and reliability in environments where temperatures and loads may vary significantly. Whether you are shopping for heavy-duty industrial gear systems or more precise automotive applications, the Optigear series offers solutions tailored to meet specific requirements, and contains products that are suitable for a wide range of industrial gears, including spur, helical, bevel, and worm gears. Browse the selection above to find the perfect solution for your industrial application.

Why choose Broughton Lubricants?

At <a href="">Broughton Lubricants</a>, we stock a comprehensive range of Castrol products, including the Optigear range and more, to help you find what you need. If you are unsure about how best to meet your compatibility requirements or drive greater performance, our technical specialists can offer personalised product recommendations tailored to the needs of your application.


Our oil testing services are designed to help you optimise your operations and get the most out of your lubricants. If you are looking for alternatives to discontinued, upgraded or rebranded products, our technical team's extensive experience and longevity in the industry make us your go-to source for finding the perfect match.


Call Broughton Lubricants today on 03300 555 655 or use our online enquiry form to learn more or for support in choosing the right product.

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