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Why choose Castrol?

When it comes to maintaining and preserving your classic or vintage vehicle, selecting the right engine oil is paramount. Castrol's classic engine oils are not just any high-quality motor oils; they are a testament to Castrol's long-standing heritage and commitment to automotive excellence. They have been formulated to meet the specific lubrication needs of classic and vintage engines, which often require different viscosities and properties compared to modern engines.


These high-quality mineral oils are designed to be fully compatible with the materials found in older engines, such as cork, rubber seals, and classic bearing materials. This will help you to maintain the integrity and functionality of each component while also drawing the best in performance from your classic car or vintage vehicle. With the company's rich heritage in the automotive industry, these Castrol classic oils embody decades of research and development. They are crafted to preserve the authenticity of your classic car, and ensure that it remains true to its era both in performance and spirit.


Older engines are susceptible to corrosion and wear, especially if they are not regularly driven. Castrol classic engine oils contain protective additives that help to prevent rust and wear, and extend the life of your engine. They are engineered to maintain their protective properties at high temperatures, providing consistent lubrication and protection even under harsh driving conditions. This thermal stability helps to prevent oil breakdown and engine deposits, to keep your classic engine clean and functioning smoothly.


Castrol's oils undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are ideally suited to older technology and meet meet the high standards expected by classic and vintage car owners. This commitment to quality means you can rely on Castrol classic engine oils to perform under all types of driving conditions.


Embrace the legacy of your classic vehicle and maintain high levels of performance with Castrol classic engine oils, where tradition meets advanced lubrication technology. Explore our range today to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition for longer.

Why choose Broughton Lubricants?

The team at Broughton Lubricants has a wealth of expertise in advising on older technology and classic car maintenance. Our technical specialists have many years of industry experience and can guide you towards the products you need for excellent oil consumption, engine wear protection and other advantages. We can discuss the specifics of your application and help you to identify the right products for your vehicle, including the carefully selected additives that can enhance performance over time.


It can otherwise be difficult to find the right engine oil for a classic or vintage car because the manufacturer's recommended products are regularly discontinued. This lack of information means that compatibility with older petrol and diesel engines can be difficult to ensure, but with Castrol's premium multigrade engine oil and guidance from the technical experts at Broughton Lubricants, you can be sure to find the right one.


Get in touch with the team at Broughton Lubricants today for help and advice on maintaining and operating a classic or vintage engine. Call us on 03300 555 109 or use our online enquiry form to contact us via email.


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