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Why choose Castrol?

Castrol gear oils encompass a comprehensive range of high-performance lubricants designed for the intricate needs of various gear systems. Engineered by Castrol, a leading global brand in lubricant technology, these gear oils are formulated to provide superior protection, efficiency, and longevity for gears operating under extreme conditions. 

Castrol’s manual transmission fluids are designed to deliver peak operation from manual gearboxes. By reducing wear and tear through the use of anti-wear additives, these gear oils can help to preserve gear teeth, reduce maintenance requirements and ensure more cost-effective operation for longer periods of time. The gear oil range at Broughton Lubricants also includes products for automatic transmissions, which means we can offer the perfect solution no matter the specific demands of your application.

These products are renowned for their ability to reduce friction, wear, and pitting, thus extending gear life and improving operational efficiency. The Castrol oils have a proud legacy of gear protection and have set high standards in gear oil performance for a wide range of gear types.

By minimising friction and preventing wear, Castrol’s gear oils contribute to longer gear life, reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs. They are engineered to form a durable lubricating film on gear surfaces, which significantly reduces wear and tear even under high load conditions. With strong resistance to thermal degradation, these products maintain their protective properties at elevated temperatures, preventing sludge formation and corrosion. This helps to keep engines clean and in good working order, and also ensures that you do not lose lubrication at critical times. The advanced formulations of Castrol gear oils also helps to reduce energy consumption by minimising frictional losses. This can lead to lower operational costs and improved environmental sustainability, and these benefits compound when stretched across a fleet.

For these reasons, Castrol’s gear oil range can offer vital performance improvements for transmissions and gearboxes of all types.

Why choose Broughton Lubricants?

As an authorised distributor of Castrol, Broughton Lubricants offers an extensive range of high-quality gear oils backed by Castrol's extensive research and development. Our expert team is committed to providing tailored lubrication solutions, and we support our clients in selecting the perfect Castrol gear oil for their specific requirements.

If you need advice on choosing the right lubricant for a specific application, the team at Broughton Lubricants can help. With decades of combined experience and knowledge of the lubricants market, we can advise you on alternatives for discontinued products, compatibility, and the additives that could transform the performance of your gearbox. With experience in everything from car and vehicle applications to industrial lubricant needs, our team can advise you on a comprehensive lubrication solution that meets all of your needs.


To get started, call Broughton Lubricants today on 03300 555 109 or get in touch via our online enquiry form to request a call back.

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