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Fleet Surveys

Broughton Lubricants not only supply the finest automotive oil and lubricants in the industry, but we can also carry out fleet surveys. 

It is more important than ever with the development of new engines to have the correct oil in your vehicles. Euro VI vehicles are so technically advanced they should ideally run on manufacturer approved oil. We supply Castrol Vecton which will cover the majority of manufacturers approvals. 

We can audit your fleet, regardless of age and make, providing recommendations to ensure they are running as efficiently and effectively as possible.  This will also safeguard your warranty and any potential issues. 


Independent Workshops

As the independent workshop market becomes increasingly competitive, it is more important to offer your customers an enhanced service. This is where Castrol can offer you the competitive edge.    

Castrol Service Plus is a scheme which will give your garage prestige and status over the competition.  If you are committed to using Castrol products when you service vehicles and want to give your customers the best, then Castrol Service Plus could be for you.   

Castrol Service Plus branding will be fitted in the reception area, workshop and externally. This will enhance your credibility and status and give you superiority over the competition. 


Customers love Castrol 

In research carried out by an independent agency regarding passenger car engine oil, Castrol came out on top!

Castrol is the most recognised oil brand by far, with 51% brand awareness compared to the competition with Shell and Mobil only gaining 7% awareness.  Over half of consumers say that Castrol is their preferred choice of engine oil. 45% of consumers say they love Castrol. That is more than Castrol's closest competitors.  

Almost 45% of all new cars sold in the UK carry a Castrol recommendation.

Why wouldn’t you want to offer your customers the best?