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Why Choose Castrol?

Each lubricating oil in the Castrol Brayco brand is formulated with advanced technology to deliver reliability and durability. These products do not only deliver strong performance, but help to maintain system efficiency and extend the operational lifespan of machinery thanks to their corrosion protection additives.


These products are designed to operate at a wide temperature range as is demanded by the aviation industry. They have good viscosity characteristics that allow them to particularly excel in low ambient temperatures, and this helps to ensure reliable low temperature operation for the hydraulic systems inside your aircraft.


All Brayco products adhere to rigorous health and safety standards that minimise environmental impact and ensure user safety during application. These lubricants are crafted to be non-hazardous under normal conditions of use, which emphasises the commitment of Castrol to sustainable industrial practices.


The Castrol Brayco series is synonymous with reliability and innovation and should be your first choice when selecting a lubricant or hydraulic fluid for an aviation application. These products are specifically designed to tackle the challenges faced in severe environments, to deliver optimal performance and protection, and exceed expectations in both efficacy and safety standards.

Why Choose Broughton Lubricants?

The technical advisors at Broughton Lubricants have a wealth of experience in the lubrication solutions required for high performance in the aviation industry. If you are unsure about your needs in terms of efficiency or compatibility requirements, our team is readily available to provide expert advice and recommendations. We can also offer testing services to assess the performance of your equipment using your existing lubricants and suggest alternatives that could dramatically enhance your efficiency.


With our extensive history in the industry, Broughton Lubricants is uniquely positioned to suggest alternatives for upgraded, replaced or discontinued oils and greases. With our strong technical knowledge and longevity in the industry, we can help to ensure that your operations continue smoothly without interruption.


For advice about a specific application or to speak to us about how we can help, contact Broughton Lubricants today. Call us on 03300 555 655 or use our online enquiry form to request a call back.

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