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Why Choose Castrol?

Choosing the right fluids for any metalworking operations is vital if you want high performance, efficiency of operations, and reliable productivity throughout your manufacturing process. Castrol's range of metalworking fluid products is comprehensive in offering synthetic and mineral oil-based fluids for every application, with high-performance additives to maximise throughput.


From general machining operations to specialised applications, Castrol offers fluids that provide optimal performance, including water-soluble options for excellent cooling and oil-based products for superior lubrication. Some products contain other additives designed to inhibit microbial growth, or capture metal particles that would otherwise fly into the air. Finding the right product will depend on the specifics of your application, but with Castrol's broad range of options you will be certain to find a suitable metalworking fluid for your needs.


Castrol's metalworking fluids contain extreme pressure additives to ensure they function effectively throughout your operations, and corrosion inhibitors that are designed to protect the finished product. The range includes a combination of mineral oils and semi-synthetic fluids to provide exactly what you need in terms of compatibility and reliability. We offer the following types of products, many of which are compatible and will allow you to overhaul your product process all at once.

Cutting Fluids

Castrol's cutting fluids are designed to facilitate the metal cutting process, lubricating and cooling tools to reduce wear and extend their lifespans. These fluids help in achieving more precise cuts and improving the finish of the workpiece. Castrol's products offer superior performance in a wide range of cutting operations, including high-speed and heavy-duty machining. With additives to enhance the surface finish of your workpiece material and a low-mist formula to improve operator safety, these cutting fluids have the solution you need for ongoing effective performance.

Quenching Fluids

Quenching fluids are crucial to control the cooling of metal in the heat treatment process. It is vital to find a balance between achieving the desired mechanical properties, and avoiding thermal shock. Castrol's series of quenching fluids is designed to meet these needs and offers a range of fluids suitable for various metals and quenching speeds. They are ideal for achieving a uniform cooling effect, minimising distortion and preventing cracks in heat-treated parts.

Forming Fluids

For bending, stamping, and drawing operations, Castrol's forming fluids reduce wear on tools and dies, improve workpiece finish, and prevent metal pick-up. Maximising the longevity of your expensive equipment is one of the best ways to improve productivity, avoid downtime and prevent unnecessary repair or replacement costs. By using the correct forming fluid, you can enjoy high-quality products while minimising wear and tear and extend tool life.

Hydraulic Fluids

While it is hard to overstate the importance of choosing high-quality metalworking fluids for cutting, forming and quenching, those fluids that do not directly interact with your products should also function effectively to support the drive for productivity. The hydraulic fluids that power most metalworking machines should be designed specifically for your applications and deliver the performance you desire. Castrol's range has everything you need to drive efficiency and achieve reliable and consistent results while also reducing the wear and tear your machines experience.

Why choose Broughton Lubricants?

Whether you're engaged in cutting, grinding, machining, or any other metalworking process, the right fluid can make all the difference in performance, tool life, and final product quality. At <a href="">Broughton Lubricants</a> our selection of Castrol metalworking fluids is tailored to meet the diverse needs of the UK's industrial sectors, including aviation, automotive, and energy, and reliably deliver the highest levels of performance for longer.


Our technical team has many years of combined experience in supporting customers with metalworking applications. Thanks to our longevity, we can help you to identify suitable alternatives to products that have been discontinued or rebranded, and by discussing your needs in detail, we can suggest the best possible product to satisfy them. We also offer a suite of testing services to monitor the performance of your processes and can make recommendations based on these findings.


Effective maintenance of fluids is also important to maximise their longevity and promote occupational safety, and Broughton Lubricants can help to make sure you understand manufacturers' recommendations. We are supporting the Health and Safety Executive's Work Right campaign on the safe use of metalworking fluids, and encouraging any businesses involved in metalworking operations to check workers' health at least annually, check fluid quality regularly, and provide ventilation in areas where fluids are used.


It is vital to skim tramp oils from sumps regularly to prevent bacterial growth and keep quenching fluids at the correct pH level. Water-soluble oils must also be kept at the manufacturer's recommended concentration for effective performance. Finally, you must implement exposure control measures to prevent skin contact or inhalation, which is a legal health and safety requirement. The technical specialists at Broughton Lubricants can discuss your application with you in detail and advise you on choosing the right products and using them according to the manufacturer's requirements.


For help in choosing a lubrication solution for your metalworking machines, contact our team today. Call us on 03300 555 655 or use our online enquiry form to request a call back at your convenience.

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