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Why Choose Castrol CRB?

Whenever your diesel engine faces challenges over the course of its working life, it is worthwhile to examine the engine oil and lubricant products you are using. There is a broad range of products available, each of which has different properties that may be perfect (or unsuited) for your application.


The Castrol CRB range is formulated with advanced cleaning agents that help keep engine surfaces and parts clean. Some diesel engines have a tendency to form deposits made from combustion by-products that can cause long-term damage or affect engine performance. By preventing the formation of harmful deposits, Castrol CRB products deliver smooth operations and reduce the risk of engine malfunction due to clogging. Reducing deposits can also help you to meet regulatory or environmental requirements.


The products are engineered to provide a robust protective layer on metal surfaces to significantly reduce wear and tear. For engines operating under high load conditions, this ensures durability and extends engine life. They also contain antioxidants that prevent oil degradation and thickening. In this way, these oils maintain their viscosity over time and deliver high engine performance more consistently.


Castrol's CRB products are suitable for a wide range of diesel engines, including those fitted with exhaust gas recirculation systems. Thanks to their versatility and ability to handle different fuel qualities, these oils are an excellent choice for a variety of diverse operating environments.

Why Choose Broughton Lubricants?

At Broughton Lubricants, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional service and expertise in lubricant solutions. As an authorised distributor of Castrol products with many years of experience, we can ensure that you receive only the best quality engine oils for your specific needs. Our team is always available to provide tailored recommendations based on your requirements.


In addition to our extensive product range, we offer an oil testing service to help optimise your operations for maximum efficiency and performance. With years of experience in the industry, we can also assist you in identifying suitable replacements or alternatives for discontinued products.


Trust Broughton Lubricants for all your lubricant requirements and experience the difference in quality and service. For further information or to discuss your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us on 03300 555 109 or use our online enquiry form to request a call back at your convenience.

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