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With over 90 years experience supplying industrial oils and greases, Broughton Lubricants are well placed to assist your business with any lubrication requirements it may have. Our experienced team coupled with our ever-strengthening bond to the worlds most recognised brand of oil, can help your business acheive the highest level of efficiency and productivity.

Broughton lubricants with Castrol, are a service led distributor, supplying the best brand of products in its class.

Our recently extended warehousing facilities, efficient stock handling, and worldwide distribution network enable us to deliver product to you wherever you are in the UK or rest of the world. 


Field Based Engineers

Our expert engineers can assist your business in the selection, installation and maintenance of high performance products.

The process begins with a survey of your equipment to identify the correct lubricant for each application. This also enables our engineers to identify areas where improvements in efficiency and productivity can be achieved. Once a full understanding of the requirements have been established, and if appropriate, our experts will assist in the set-up and continuation of trials to demonstrate savings to your business.

Finally our ongoing commitment of condition monitoring, using a range of techniques, including, if required, a state of the art laboratory facility, allows for many years of continued improvements in your processes. 


Technical Sales Engineers

As the largest distributor of Castrol products in the UK, we feel it is our commitment to our customer to provide a top class technical support.  We have a number of industry experienced; technicians, engineers and chemists within the organisation, who are all dedicated to providing the kind of support you expect to complement a premium brand such as Castrol.

Technical services we offer include: Teletech (Our telephone technical service), design stage consultation, lubrication training sessions, metalworking fluid monitoring, H&S and environmental surveys, continuous improvement programs and extensive lubrication surveys. 

We also recently introduced LabCheck, a used oil analysis service.