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Why choose Castrol?

Castrol motorcycle oils are the product of extensive research, development, and innovation. Each product in our range has been developed alongside expert engineers to ensure it meets the needs of your motorcycle engine. This collaboration ensures that Castrol oils provide advanced engine protection, superior performance, and improved fuel efficiency under even the most difficult riding conditions.


Castrol motorcycle oils are designed to protect your engine from the build-up of harmful deposits, wear, and corrosion. This can significantly extend the life of your motorcycle, deliver exceptional engine protection and performance, and reduce harmful emissions from your engine. Castrol's oils are formulated to maintain their protective properties under a wide range of temperatures and riding conditions, to ensure your engine performs optimally at all times and provide options for all types of motorcycles.


Thanks to their precision engineering, Castrol's products can improve fuel efficiency and reduce oil consumption, resulting in longer drain intervals and reduced maintenance needs. By reducing friction and ensuring smooth engine operation, these products can help your motorcycle run more efficiently, which can lead to savings on fuel and oil over time and cut down on the need for repairs due to damage.

Why choose Broughton Lubricants?

At Broughton Lubricants, we offer a wide range of motorcycle oils that are each tailored to different types of bikes and riding conditions. Whether you own a high-performance sports bike, a city scooter, or an off-road motorcycle, there is a Castrol oil designed to meet your specific needs. The variety of our selection allows you to choose a product that will maximise the performance and longevity of your motorcycle's engine, and includes complementary, compatible engine oils and brake fluids to provide a comprehensive solution.


With a team of technical specialists at our disposal, Broughton Lubricants can offer personalised advice and support and help you select the right oil for your motorcycle engine. We will also provide guidance on proper maintenance and care, to help you not only choose the best product for your needs but also use it in the most effective way possible. If you are struggling to identify the best product for your needs, we can discuss your application in detail and recommend a product that could deliver significant performance improvements for your vehicle.


Contact the team at Broughton Lubricants today for support on finding the right motorcycle engine oil for your needs. Call us on 03300 555 109 or use our online enquiry form to request a call back at your convenience.

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