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Why choose Castrol?

Castrol automatic transmission oils are designed to meet the complex demands of automatic transmissions in modern vehicles. Every transmission fluid in this range has benefited from an ongoing process of engineering and development to ensure it is perfectly suited to its application, and there are several potential advantages to choosing a Castrol product when it comes time to change or top-up your vehicle's oil.


Castrol is a trusted brand with a reputation for high performance, effective wear protection and reduced emissions. The company's automatic transmission oils are engineered to provide superior lubrication to deliver smooth gear shifts and optimal performance across various driving conditions. They are formulated to protect against wear and tear which not only ensures effective operation, but can extend the life of transmission components and prevent the need for costly repairs.


With excellent thermal and oxidative stability, Castrol automatic transmission fluid products resist breakdown even under high temperatures and maintain consistent performance and protection. This is vital for vehicles that drive under different conditions or that require long periods of operation. Castrol's products are designed for consistency over time, which reduces drain intervals and maintenance needs, and keeps vehicles operating at maximum performance for longer.


Products in our range include:

• Castrol Transmax ATF

• Castrol Transynd

• Castrol ATF DX III Multivehicle

• Castrol TQF Classic Transmission Oil


We also sell complementary and compatible products like engine oils to enhance your vehicle's performance and protection, gear oils to protect your gear mechanisms, and coolants and antifreezes to maintain optimal engine temperature and prevent freezing. Choose Castrol products for a comprehensive solution to your vehicle's needs.

Why choose Broughton Lubricants?

Broughton Lubricants is a proud Castrol Ambassador distributor and our relationship allows us to offer top-of-the-line products that meet stringent quality standards. We offer a comprehensive range of Castrol automatic transmission fluids to enhance the performance and longevity of any automatic transmissions, whether for a single vehicle or a fleet. Our selection includes advanced formulas to cater to a wide array of automotive needs, so whatever you need in terms of performance, compatibility or the demands of specific driving conditions, we can help.


Alongside the quality of our selection, we can provide expert advice to help you select the perfect Castrol product for your needs, as part of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Broughton Lubricants employs a team of technical specialists with unparalleled knowledge and experience of the transmission fluids market. If you discuss the needs of your application with us, we can advise you on the products that are available to meet your needs. Your transmission fluid may need high thermal stability, enhanced friction characteristics or enhanced wear protection. We can identify suitable and compatible products from our range of automatic transmission fluids and help you you draw the highest levels of performance from your vehicle.


To discuss your needs with our technical experts, contact the team at Broughton Lubricants today. Call us on 03300 555 109 or use our online enquiry form to request a call back.

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