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Health & Safety has always been intrinsic to the way we work at Broughton Lubricants.  A safe and efficient way of working has ensured we have remained ISO compliant for over 10 years.  However we now form part of a much larger organisation, Certas Energy Lubricants, where Health, Safety, the Environment & Wellbeing are at heart of what we do and how we do it.


SAFETY F1RST is the Certas Energy VISION ZERO initiative.  It brings everyone together as one business to create a World Class HSE culture in which every individual works towards our goal of achieving ZERO HARM.  


Using the SAFETY F1RST principles already embedded within our business, we have refined our approach to HSE awareness and compliance to drive greater individual understanding and a more shared responsibility.


SAFETY F1RST VISION ZERO will help us to ensure that our people get home safe and well every day; that we bring no harm to our business, the environment or our neighbours; and that we empower people to take a shared responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others.


To ensure we have a consistent approach to Health & Safety across the business, this is driven from the top down, from the director of HSE; Wilma Kelly, to the Data & Systems Controllers and HSE Technicians.  The HSE Team consists of 16 dedicated HSE members, and two of the people responsible for driving the the Lubricants SAFTY F1RST initiative are Richard Garnett & Daryl Yeates.   



Richard Garnett
Head of HSE for Lubricants

Richard leads the HSE culture change by developing practical solutions within the lubricants teams.  He has been integral in the implementation of Behavioural Safety via our Safety F1rst Principles.  Richard has also lead the transition to ISO45001 and the latest ISO50001, ISO14001 Standards.

Daryl Yeates
Lubricants HSE Business Partner

Daryl provides HSE knowledge, guidance, support and training to all levels within the organisation.  As well as front line practical HSE support and guidance on a day-to-day operational basis, for both employees and customers, he is also responsible for HSE audits & inspections.